Have you ever felt like some of life’s simplest tasks turn into nightmares for your nails? Painting them, using a polisher, and even trying to push the cuticles back can lead to unsightly damage. But did you know that this type of manicure can also cause long-term damage? That’s exactly what a top dermatologist explained when discussing the potential mistakes people make with their nails – and most disturbingly, it seems like a lot of people are to blame! Read on to find out why going bare nails may be the best decision for your fingertips.

If you’re a manicure enthusiast and have perfectly groomed nails, you may have fallen victim to the mistake pointed out by TikTok’s famous dermatologist, Dr. Abel. With her 1.3 million followers, Dr. Abel is known for unpacking current beauty trends and practices in an informed way — she assesses their aesthetic value as well as the potential health risks that come with them. Among them, we find a common mistake that we all tend to commit without realizing it: it is a question of cutting or pushing back the cuticles.

This clumsy practice that causes us more harm than good.

On his TikTok profile @dermatology.doctorDr. Abel released a video titled “3 Things I’ll Never Do As A Dermatologist” through which she explained the danger associated with cuticle regrowth, restless gel polish and overuse. UV nail machines.

According to her, cutting or pushing back the cuticles can lead to infections and other health issues. When the cuticles are removed, the barrier between the skin and the nail bed is broken, making it easier for bacteria and fungi to enter and spread infections. Additionally, when the cuticles are pushed back, they may not heal properly, resulting in ingrown and painfully cracked nails. In extreme cases, cuts or regrowth of the cuticle area can open a pathway for germs to enter your system and cause serious illnesses such as tetanus or staph infections.

Regarding the successive application of gel polish on the nails, Dr. Abel explains that this can be dangerous for several reasons. First, because polish is applied in thicker layers than regular nail polish, it is more likely to trap moisture and bacteria below the surface and cause infection. Also, since polish is generally harder to remove than regular polish, when people don’t allow a rest period between applications, they are more likely to damage their nails due to the constant removal process. This can lead to weakened or brittle nails that are more prone to breaking and tearing, which can put them at risk for further infection or lasting damage.

Finally, excessive use of UV nail machines can cause skin cancer and other types of skin damage. Prolonged exposure to UVA rays, the type of radiation emitted by these lamps, can break down the DNA in our cells and lead to cancer-causing mutations. To learn more, read this article: Prolonged use of the UV nail machine could cause you irreparable damage.

What are the steps to take for healthy and strong nails?

Keep nails clean and dry.

Cleaning your nails regularly with warm water and a mild soap can help remove dirt and bacteria, which can improve their health. Be sure to dry them completely afterwards.

Avoid harsh chemicals.

Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals like detergents and solvents can weaken nails. Wear protective gloves when handling these substances and opt for organic solvents or ketones.

Don’t bite your nails or pull them out.

The habit of biting your nails causes trauma to the cuticles, which can lead to infections and other damage. Nail biting also opens the way to infection by allowing bacteria to enter the skin under the nails.

Trim your nails regularly.

By keeping them short, you reduce the risk of breakage and splitting, and make it easier to clean underneath.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water helps keep our bodies hydrated, including our nails! In addition, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is beneficial for general health, including that of the nails.

Use a moisturizer.

Regularly applying moisturizers such as petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil can help keep cuticles supple without cutting or pushing them back (which should be avoided).

Limit the use of gel polishes.

Although gel polish has many advantages over traditional polish, it is important to respect rest periods between applications (about three weeks). This helps prevent weakening of the natural nail due to prolonged exposure to acetone during polish removal or UV lamps during the curing processes used in some gel polishes.

Avoid overexposure to UV devices.

Nail salons often use UV lamps as part of nail services. However, you should limit its use as much as possible. In case of frequent exposure, be sure to protect your hands with SPF sunscreen before each session.

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