Today, we are going to introduce you to the hottest trend in K-Beauty, the spatula. It’s a trend that’s becoming incredibly huge in the beauty industry.

What is the spatula trend?

No, it’s not your kitchen spatula. Don’t worry ! The spatula trend is quite simple. This is a small metal spatula, usually stainless steel, that is used to apply your foundation. Compared to other methods of applying foundation, it guarantees a thin and smooth application of your foundation. The thin layer of foundation will hold for hours without product smudging.

Makeup artists have been using spatulas for years in professional settings. However, they have finally become more accessible to K-beauty consumers. Who wouldn’t want it in their beauty routine?

The foundation spatula is one of the most popular K-beauty products. Not only because it gives you a sheer base that sticks and lasts all day, but also because it’s easy to use and clean up afterwards! Some brands quickly adopted the trend, such as WAKEMAKE and Picasso, which released their own spatulas.

How to use it ?

Using the spatula is extremely simple. It may seem difficult the first time you try it. However, it becomes easier with each application. Here are some simple steps of using the makeup spatula:

  • First, you put a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand. It’s important to use just a little, as you don’t want to waste the product, and a very small amount is needed with this method of application.

Remember that the main thing here is to apply a thin layer to get a natural base. Coverage can be done using concealer later.

  • Then, gently glide the edge of your spatula over the foundation. You should have a very small amount of foundation just on the edge of the spatula, not on its flat surface.

This helps ensure that you have the right amount of foundation to apply. Less is always better!

  • Third, using light pressure, slide the spatula vertically down the side of your face.

It is important that you apply your foundation in several times. Starting on one side of the face prevents makeup from settling quickly. This will avoid blending difficulties, irregularities and make-up stains.

  • Finally, use a Beauty Blender or a damp sponge to blend the foundation evenly. Once you are done with one side, you can repeat the steps on the other side of your face.

There you go, you’ve finished your basic makeup! You can also use a foundation spatula to apply your concealer. Once your base is done, you can set it as you normally would and continue with the rest of your makeup routine.

Korean makeup tips and tricks.

If you want to achieve a more youthful look, take note of these K-beauty tips and tricks!

  • Be natural! Don’t make makeup too dramatic and use the appropriate texture for your neck.
  • Eyebrows play a huge role, remember to draw your eyebrows symmetrically and fill them in with the right shade of color.
  • Do not apply BB cream all over your face! It is recommended to use it exclusively on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
  • Use CC cream to correct problems on your face: red or yellow spots, pigmentations and wrinkles.
  • Gradient color for lips: apply the lipstick in the center of your lip and spread it using a cotton swab to create a dark effect and voila, your lipstick will not run!
  • Use liquid blush instead of powder blush to create a more natural look.
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