Shape Training is fast becoming the best training system for athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts. It combines science with experience to help drive positive results for users. Unlike other programs that rely solely on outdated weightlifting techniques or athletic strategies, Shape Training recognizes the mental and physical aspects of sports performance. By understanding the underlying principles at play, most can be confident that they are making sound decisions when setting goals, and gaining the confidence that comes with mastery over time. If you want to take your sports performance to the next level, here are some of the reasons why you should learn about Shape training!

What is the Shape Training system?

The Shape training system created by French sports coach Lounis Brenneman is designed to revolutionize the way athletes train for a variety of sports. The system is based on five distinct components – mobility, positions, exercises, restoration and nutrition – which are specifically intended to improve the physical strength, endurance and overall performance of athletes. Each component is tailored to high performance athletes entering elite competition. Through the application of proven techniques, the Shape Training System claims to be able to produce tangible results in athletes in just ten weeks of application. Ultimately, this dynamic system appears to be the key to the success of many athletes in any sport that demands physical excellence.

The principle of the Shape training system.

The principles of shape training developed by Lounis Brenneman are based on the concept of combining different regimes of muscle contraction in order to effectively achieve an ideal physique. Breaking away from traditional bodybuilding programs, which often focus on heavy lifting and 1RM percentages, Brenneman instead emphasizes the physical feel of performing each exercise and progressing through it. This means that her Shape workout program is not only designed to produce visible results, but also allows greater freedom in feeling and understanding one’s own body.

“Feeling” your muscle is the key principle of Shape Training.

To implement his physical training program, Brenneman focuses primarily on changing the intensity or speed of execution of exercises, rather than relying on specific numbers such as weight or number of repetitions. . He encourages people to “feel” their muscles as they move from one position to another, rather than just focusing on the amount of weight lifted. This allows you to better control each movement and create a connection with your body, which can lead to faster and longer lasting results. He also believes in giving the body plenty of rest between sets so it has time to heal and recover before attempting more demanding exercises.

Finally, Brenneman advocates a holistic approach to fitness that aims to strengthen multiple parts of the body at once to maximize efficiency. His program is designed so that each workout incorporates movements in all three planes of motion (frontal/transverse/sagittal). Thus, this comprehensive approach allows individuals to reach their goals faster while reducing the risk of injury due to overtraining certain parts of the body.

What are the muscle contraction regimens on which the Shape Training system is based?

This training system combines different modes of muscle contraction to create pre-fatigue and stimulate all muscle fibers. This innovative approach uses three contraction regimens:

  1. Isometric: During an isometric contraction, the muscle remains static without any movement, like in a chair pose.
  2. Concentric: For concentric movements, the muscle fibers shorten during contraction.
  3. Eccentric: In the case of an eccentric contraction, the muscle fibers lengthen during the contraction.

When used in combination, these distinct contractions work together to generate fatigue and help stimulate all the muscle fibers available for development, which, according to its creator, guarantees excellent results! The goal of each posture is to achieve a balance between these three different regimes of muscle tension and contraction, so that they can coexist harmoniously with each other. This method generates a greater range of motion in the postures and increases endurance levels, two very important elements for an effective training program.

The combination of these three diets also allows you to target different muscles in multiple ways, so you can work them efficiently with fewer reps, while getting quick results. Additionally, this type of training has been found to increase coordination as well as strength, which helps athletes better understand their body’s limits and know how far they can go.

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