A new trend that is making its way into the skincare sphere is the idea of ​​creating a “skincare smoothie”, which is to mix together several moisturizing products. While this concept may intrigue some beauty enthusiasts who want the benefits of multiple products combined, they may unintentionally create a mix of components that may conflict with each other. We’ll look at not only why this new routine might cause more problems than solutions, but also what you can do instead to keep your face looking its best. Read on to find out about this controversial idea and some smarter options!

Hydration of our skin is an absolute necessity to keep it healthy and young. The skin of the face is particularly vulnerable and we must therefore ensure that it is well hydrated. Recently, a new skincare trend has appeared on social media: the “skincare smoothie”. Proponents of this technique claim that it intensely hydrates the outer and inner layers of the skin by mixing skin care products into a single layer that combines all the essential components to lock in moisture, maintain skin elasticity and improve overall complexion. However, is this a good idea?

Skincare Smoothie: what is it?

The “smoothie skincare” trend was popularized by the Drunk Elephant brand, known for its carefully crafted skincare products. It’s about combining all the skin care products before applying them to the face, much like making a smoothie from a variety of fruits. However, not all trends that appear on social media are good for our skin. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Sasha Dhoat recently explained to Stylelist magazine why some popular trends, like this one, don’t always turn out the best. She insisted that it’s important to think critically when trying something new and look at the facts before jumping into a trend that promises a quick fix. She also suggested that if one decides to try something new, one should first consult their dermatologist and understand the potential risks and effects it could have on the skin.

Why should this popular trend be avoided?

As the dermatologist explains, not all skin care products are created equal: they all contain different ingredients and, in some cases, their combination can be dangerous. For example, mixing incompatible products can reduce or even negate their beneficial effects such as hydration and protection. Worse still, it can lead to more or less serious allergic reactions. To help us protect our skin from these dangers, Dr. Sasha Dhoat gives us examples; she specifies that vitamin C should never be combined with niacinamide or retinol with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

Maintaining healthy skin requires patience and caution in finding the perfect skincare routine. We must take the time to observe how our skin reacts to each product before adding new ones. It is also important to recognize that each individual is unique and depending on your specific needs, the combination of products that is right for you may be very different from that of others.

How long does it take to assess the effectiveness of a moisturizer?

The time needed to assess the effectiveness of a moisturizer depends on multiple factors. Factors such as skin type, product ingredients, and frequency of use all play a role in the speed of results. For example, if the moisturizer contains active ingredients known to hydrate the skin, users may see an effect within days or weeks. If the moisturizer is used on dry or sensitive skin, the effects may take longer to appear. Also, regular use of the product can speed up the process of evaluating its effectiveness, as continued use can create long-lasting hydration that improves over time.

Ultimately, it is difficult to give an exact time frame for the onset of effects from a moisturizer. However, with diligence and patience, most people will be able to determine if a particular product is right for them after several weeks.

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