The new season is here and to give fall nail trends a boost, we’ve seen what our favorite nail artists tell us about their predictions on the nail art trends and shades we’ll be wearing for the coming season. , whether you prefer a minimalist manicure or want something very assertive.

So if you want to get informed (and get started) early, here are the fall nail trends to have on your radar…

Autumn Frenchies:

Dark French tips on a transparent natural base, such as a black tip, are very popular.

“Everyone will be asking for deep-colored Frenchies,” confirms Julia Diogo (@paintedbyjools). If you prefer a shorter shape, the Squoval Frenchies pickups are the way to go. Try red-black, black, brown or deep forest greens.

Full Chrome:

Hailey Bieber cemented our obsession with pearl pink chrome nails, or glazed donuts. “The glossy look of nails has been a huge trend and it’s crazy how many times it’s still being asked for,” says Iram Shelton, a nail professional. But this trend is about to experience a revolution for the fall. “Expect all shades of chrome in the colder months, especially gold, green, blue and silver,” confirms celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey (@nailsbymh).

“We’re going to find new ways to make chrome work,” agrees Julia. “We’ve seen Hailey Bieber do it with a neutral color as a base shade and I definitely think we’ll see the same thing with a darker shade underneath, creating a totally different icy effect. »

Chrome Accents:

Are you afraid to take the plunge with chrome everywhere? Ask your nail professional for a chrome French tip. Chrome can be worn as an entire nail or as a subtle detail.

In fact, all of our nail artists agree. “Chrome Frenchies are going to be very fashionable,” confirms Julia. “Especially in silver and anthracite tones. Liquid metal gel polish will make a much more prominent appearance,” she continues.

Olive and forest green:

Selena Gomez has declared olive to be the nail shade of fall after teaming up with her bail artist Tom Bachik to create this weird and quirky shade, but if you want something a little deeper, the forest green will continue to be trendy after being the star of last fall.


If you fall somewhere between minimalist and maximalist, monochrome nails might be the way to go. The black and white color scheme keeps things simple, but the possibilities for introducing patterns are endless. “I think we’ll see a lot of monochrome nails,” confirms Iram.

The airbrush of the 90s:

“Airbrushing made a comeback with the rise of nostalgic trends from the 90s and 00s (airbrush nails were very popular back then),” says Michelle. It involves using an airbrush machine to achieve the diffused effect. The trend has even extended to ‘aura nails’, where the airbrush technique is used to create a manicure to suit your mood and ‘aura’.

Rhinestones, crystals and stones:

Want to add a little something to your manicure? Nails have become more than just fingernails, they have become an accessory. Enhance your manicure by adding random scattered crystals.

The animal print:

Animal print is as eponymous with fall as flowers are with spring. We love the safari print nails that we keep spotting.

3D effect:

3D nails are hugely popular right now with advances in technology and nail products that allow nail technicians to push the boundaries when it comes to creating 3D designs. This trend will continue to develop over the next few months. They are increasingly becoming conceptual works of art. Dua Lipa is a big fan of 3D nails and wears them regularly. It’s definitely not a technique you can do at home, but something a nail pro can create for you to enjoy for a few weeks at a time.

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