In France, the Assurance Maladie only reimburses part of health expenses. The rest is then borne by the insured. Hence the need to take out complementary health insurance with a mutual insurance company. The mutual therefore makes it possible to reimburse the insured for the share of health expenses remaining at his expense. In this guide, we will discover the main specificities of mutual health insurance.

What is mutual health insurance?

Also called complementary health, the mutual health represents the organization as well as the contract making it possible to refund the part of the medical expenses which is not supported by the Social security. With the Mutual Allianzbenefit from the appropriate guarantees and refunds.

Usually, the main guarantees that a classic mutual health insurance takes care of are: drugs purchased in pharmacies, dental care, consultations and medical care, optical care,hospitalization, etc. But, depending on the mutual, the guarantees can increase.

What are the benefits of mutual health insurance?

By subscribing to complementary health cover, this allows you to receive additional reimbursement of your medical expenses. The mutual insurance contract offers better coverage of specific health care such as ophthalmological care (this concerns the reimbursement of contact lenses and eyeglasses), dental care, hearing aids, etc.

Thanks to mutual health insurance, some of your most expensive expenses can be reimbursed in full. However, it is important to note that everyone can take out mutual health insurance. Subscription can be done not only individually, but also collectively. Mutual health insurance can cover your family in both cases.

In summary, the mutual health insurance offers you a multitude of services that can support you in your daily life. It is up to you to choose the mutual that can adequately meet your needs.