Baryta carbonica or barium carbonate or witherite is a white powder with the chemical formula BaCO3. In appearance, it looks like a harmless powder. However, because of its rodenticidal property, this powder is toxic to rodent pests.

Besides his interest inhomeopathy, this chemical compound is an important element in the field of construction. It enters in particular in the composition of earthenware, brick, tiling and pottery.

Main therapeutic indications

THE Baryta carbonica makes it possible to treat diseases typical of patients of all ages: children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

First, it allows treat conditions affecting the palatine tonsils. In particular, hypertrophy or inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis) can be distinguished. Also, it is involved in the prevention of angina which often results from this inflammation.

Secondly, this homeopathic medicine is part of the treatment of possible developmental delays in children. This concerns more particularly difficulties in the school environment or even a brain delay. Mention is made, among other things, of cases of attention disorder or a delay in speaking and the ability to walk.

In the elderly, it helps to mitigate the impacts of aging on health. Among these repercussions, one distinguishes the affections of the prostate as well as the vascular disorders like arterial hypertension and arteriosclerosis. In addition, it deals with cases of premature aging and pathological, namely the loss of memory and intellectual capacities. It also helps prevent early senility in adults.

Finally, Baryta carbonica helps to restore endocrine balance to avoid hormonal failure. In women, for example, it improves the situation with menstruation disorders and ovarian hormonal disorders. It can also be used to treat certain sexual disorders. For example, we cite sexual impotence, frigidity or even reduced libido.

Directions for use and recommended dosage

The dosage varies depending on the desired results and the ailments to be treated. In general, depending on the symptoms, dilutions of 5 CH to 30 CH are used.

For treat pathologies in the tonsilsmake a cure of 6 months by taking daily granules at 9 CH.

In children, to stimulate the brain development and avoid lack of attention at school, take granules dosed at 30 CH once or twice a week.

As a treatment for hypertension in elderly patients, take 9 CH granules once a day for a course of 6 months.

For the prevention of early signs of agingtake in 20 days a month, homeopathic granules at 9 CH to consume once a day.

For each dose, place the granules directly under the tongue and allow to melt.

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