Which household chore burns the most calories?

The more muscles involved in the task, the greater the calorie consumption. For example, we will use more calories while vacuuming because we move around the house by walking and moving our arms, than while doing the dishes.

Housework = 2,000 calories per week

According to a musclefood study, cleaning the house will cause you to give up more than 2,000 calories per week. It’s a great motivation. Plus cleaning and sweating is just the start.

Dust or clean the windows

If we raise our arms, we work our shoulders and tone those parts of the body. What you have to try to do is to compensate for this work and to put the same amount of effort with each pitch to avoid imbalances and injuries due to overload.

Cleaning the toilet burns the most calories

According to research by musclefood, it’s the household chore that will cost you the most calories if you clean the bathroom every day. A sparkling bathroom is a toned body.

Washing clothes by hand makes you lose weight

Doing laundry by hand once a week burns the same amount of calories as 100 sit-ups. Thus, forgetting the washing machine (just one day a week) is a good alternative to the gym.

Fill the dishwasher

Washing the dishes by hand is an effort, but putting them in the dishwasher is just as much. If we spend 30 minutes filling the dishwasher, we will burn 105 calories, according to the musclefood study.

90 calories while vacuuming

There is a reward for carpet cleaning. In addition to saying goodbye to dust mites, you burn 90 calories in half an hour. It’s like kickboxing for 15 minutes.


Dusting furniture for 15 minutes burns 25 calories. Think about it, while you’re dusting, you walk around the house, you move your legs. So don’t be afraid to take a walk, in this case it’s not a waste of time.

Ironing is like taking a zumba class

It’s easy to spend 3 hours a week in front of the ironing board. And you can burn 420 calories in that time, just like in a zumba class! “press the board evenly with the iron and switch arms. Did you know that standing for long periods of time burns calories and builds muscle?

Sweeping is like riding on a treadmill

15 minutes on the treadmill will give you the same result as sweeping the floor for 30 minutes and goodbye to 145 calories.

Gardening also burns calories
you’re in the fresh air, enjoying the sun, fertilizing your plants, pruning a few branches or picking tomatoes from your urban garden and burning calories! 213 calories in 30 minutes. As if you were cycling for 45 minutes, pedaling on a flat road.

Walking your dog matters too
while it’s not as boring as the previous ones, it’s another household chore. Whose turn is it to take the dog out today? Take the opportunity to do some cardio. “our pet will love running with us on the way to the park, jumping on the benches or playing ball as if we were in a high intensity course..

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