Our hair is an essential part of our appearance, as it reflects the state of health from within. Therefore, by providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals found in certain foods, you can optimize the quality of its growth. Read on to learn more about dietary supplements that can contribute to healthier, shinier hair faster than you think.

Hair care: How do I meet my hair’s needs?

Hair needs a variety of nutrients to stay strong and healthy.

  • The proteins : are essential for hair growth and strength, as they help provide the building blocks of keratin, the main component of hair.
  • Biotin: also known as vitamin H or B8, is important for promoting healthy hair growth and preventing breakage.
  • Vitamin C: contributes to the creation of sebum, an oily substance secreted by the scalp which helps to maintain the hydration of the hair.
  • Zinc: plays a role in tissue growth and repair, including hair follicles.
  • The iron : is necessary to ensure that enough oxygen-rich blood circulates to the scalp for optimal hair growth.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: are needed to maintain healthy cell membranes throughout the body, including those of the scalp and hair follicles, which promotes shine and strength of hair.

How do I know if my hair needs essential nutrient supplementation?

If your hair is excessively brittle, dull and dry, chances are your hair is lacking in essential nutrients. Also, if your hair has become brittle and unmanageable, it may be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Other signs may include split ends, lack of shine and volume, or general “thinning” of the hair.

In some cases, you may even experience scalp issues such as flaking or itching, which can be triggered by deficiencies in essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. If you are unsure of the cause of your hair problems, it is best to consult a professional who can assess your nutrition levels to identify any deficiencies that require supplementation.

Food supplements: is it a necessity?

It is not always necessary to have a food supplement for the hair, because it depends on the diet and the way of life of each one. A balanced diet that includes foods rich in essential nutrients, such as protein, zinc, iron, biotin, and vitamin B-12, can promote healthy hair growth. Additionally, reducing stress levels and avoiding over-washing your hair can also help maintain strong, healthy hair.

If you feel like your diet or lifestyle isn’t providing you with essential nutrients to support healthy hair growth, it may be beneficial to take a dietary supplement to provide additional nutrition. However, it is important to consult your doctor before taking any type of supplement, as they will be able to advise you on any potential risks or side effects associated with taking supplements.

Food supplements for hair: what we recommend!


A trace element that has been shown to be essential for healthy hair. It helps protect the scalp from oxidative damage and has also been linked to slowing hair loss. Research suggests that taking selenium supplements can help improve scalp condition and increase blood flow, which can lead to healthier, thicker hair.

Herbal supplements:

These supplements such as saw palmetto extract and nettle root extract are incredibly beneficial in providing essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. Saw palmetto contains fatty acids and phytosterols that can reduce scalp inflammation and nourish follicles. While nettle root extracts provide important minerals like calcium and magnesium that can help strengthen weak or damaged hair.

Milk Thistle:

It is an all-natural supplement that has powerful antioxidant properties that can help protect against free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules present in our environment which, if left unchecked, can cause cell damage and lead to thinning or baldness. Milk thistle also helps detoxify our body of toxins that can block the absorption of nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth.


It’s a superfood made from blue-green algae that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, carotenoids, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for strengthening fibers from within and supporting healthy growth. Studies have further shown that spirulina can be helpful in preventing premature graying of hair by promoting the production of melanin in the body.

Royal jelly :

It comes from the hives of bees and is an incredibly nutritious substance filled with B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and other compounds. This very powerful supplement nourishes both the skin of the scalp and the follicles themselves, which helps to increase the volume, strength and shine of your hair!

Beer yeast :

It is a natural source of B vitamins which are important for maintaining strong, healthy locks as well as the overall health of your body cells, including those on your scalp! In addition to its vitamin content, brewer’s yeast also provides us with chromium, which has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, thus promoting better absorption of nutrients in our body. Which is essential for optimal hair health!

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