Beauty is a complex concept that has been studied for centuries, it can be perceived in different ways, but two types of beauty are often mentioned: inner beauty and outer beauty. So, what is the real criterion of judgment between these two types of beauty?

External beauty: an often superficial physical appearance

External beauty, which refers to physical characteristics such as height, weight, skin, hair and eye color, as well as facial features, is often associated with physical appearance, these characteristics are often considered beauty standards, and people who meet these standards are often considered beautiful, it should be noted that these standards are not set in stone and vary widely across cultures and times.

beauty ideals have evolved throughout history, reflecting the values ​​and beliefs of a particular era, in some cultures a rounder figure and more pronounced curves are seen as signs of beauty, whereas in others, thinness is valued, the color of skin, hair and eyes that are considered beautiful may differ from culture to culture, although outward beauty is often associated with physical appearance, remember that beauty standards are subjective and are influenced by cultural and historical factors.

Inner beauty: deep and lasting qualities

Inner beauty, on the other hand, refers to the inner qualities of a person, it is often associated with values ​​such as kindness, generosity, empathy, patience, wisdom, compassion, emotional intelligence, and many others, these qualities can be perceived through the person’s actions, behavior and personality.

While outer beauty is often seen as superficial, inner beauty is often seen as deep, it is often associated with a person’s ability to inspire and influence others in a positive way, it can be subjective and varies from person to person. people.

The real criterion of judgment: a question of personal perception

In the end, the real criterion for judging between inner beauty and outer beauty depends on the person who evaluates, some people may be more attracted to outer beauty, while others may prefer inner beauty, consider that the Outer beauty can be fleeting and may fade with age, while inner beauty can be cultivated and developed throughout life.

It can be considered a more essential quality than outer beauty, as it can influence how people interact with each other and how they see themselves, a person who possesses great inner beauty can inspire others through their behavior , kindness and compassion, while a person who only possesses outward beauty may not have the same influence on others.

Through positive actions and behaviors it can be developed, such as the practice of gratitude, meditation and self-reflection, by cultivating these inner qualities, a person can not only improve their own life, but also inspire others to do the same.

Appreciate both types of beauty

Inner beauty and outer beauty are two types of beauty that can be appreciated in different ways. There is no real judging criterion between the two, as it depends on the person who is evaluating, remember that inner beauty is often more profound and lasting than outer beauty. It is therefore essential to appreciate both types of beauty and not to judge them against each other.

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