Do we ever really understand why we are unhappy? It is a complex puzzle whose different pieces make up our emotional well-being. We may try to cultivate meaningful relationships and careers, find pleasure in the little things, or even seek professional help when needed — but without really understanding what’s holding us back from being happy, these efforts may not be enough.

In this article, we’ll dive into the underlying reasons that keep us from finding true happiness and explore how to begin to dismantle them so we can finally achieve contentment. The journey will likely have its share of pitfalls, but approaching it with an open mind will give us the best chance of discovering greater self-knowledge in our quest for lasting happiness.

In pursuit of happiness: an endless pursuit.

The pursuit of happiness is a universal human goal, but for many it can seem distant and out of reach. Many factors can prevent us from being satisfied with our lives, such as relying too much on outside sources, such as material possessions or the approval of others, to determine our own sense of happiness and fulfillment. Trapped in the “rat race” of modern life, we may also be searching for our true purpose while feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of the economy, education, relationships, competition. and other challenges that life throws at us.

Also, feelings such as fear and anxiety can act as psychological barriers that prevent us from enjoying the present moment and all its wonders. Societal structures and expectations can also prevent us from pursuing activities that bring us joy, as we are conditioned to follow established paths in order to achieve a perceived level of success.

Additionally, living in an uncertain world filled with violence, tragedy, and injustice can make it difficult to stay positive and hopeful. Finally, negative thought patterns that stem from low self-esteem or past traumas can cause us to limit ourselves even further when seeking experiences that promote personal well-being. All of these issues contribute to making it difficult for some people to be truly happy, but by acknowledging them, we can strive to overcome them in order to aspire to a more fulfilling life.

Freeing yourself from your chains is the only way to be happy.

Everything that prevents us from being happy can be summed up in a few simple but profound precepts, set out by the French philosopher Fabrice Midal. According to Midal, to be truly happy, one must know one’s own mortality, understand how fleeting and impermanent everything is, and have the courage to accept this reality and make the most of every moment given to us. We must recognize that life is limited and ultimately fleeting, but that does not mean we must live in a state of perpetual fear or despair.

Rather, we should strive to find joy in each present moment and cherish our experiences while they last. To be truly satisfied with life, we must also learn to accept ourselves as imperfect beings and to accept our inner flaws and weaknesses. The only way to gain peace of mind is to accept our limitations rather than seek unattainable perfection – after all, no one is perfect! Also, it is important that we understand that true happiness comes from within; no external source can provide us with lasting fulfillment or true joy.

Additionally, Fabrice Midal insists that cultivating meaningful relationships with others is essential to achieving authentic happiness. Showing empathy and compassion to those around us allows us to connect on a deeper level with others and leads to a more satisfying existence overall. Finally, he encourages individuals to strive for their dreams, as this will bring greater meaning to their lives; even if success is not guaranteed, striving to achieve what one deeply desires will bring its own rewards.

By following these wise words of philosopher Fabrice Midal and applying them in our daily lives, we can begin the journey to true contentment – ​​one step at a time! Each of us has been given the opportunity to lead a life full of meaning and joy if only we open ourselves to it and make the conscious effort necessary to unlock it.

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