Being beautiful down to her fingertips, what woman doesn’t dream of it? Indeed, the beauty of the nails is very important for all women. However, the various household chores, bad weather and everything that requires the hands end up damaging this beauty. And yet, there is nothing more frustrating than a varnish that peels off too quickly. THE semi permanent polish then presents itself as an effective alternative to simple varnish which wears off too quickly. But it is also subject to various controversies, because it is considered bad for the nails! Customers are puzzled. Update on this exceptional product.

What is a semi-permanent varnish?

Beauty product yes, but what is semi-permanent varnish in reality ? Made of a mix of nail polish and acrylic gel, semi-permanent polish, also known as gel polish, is applied like regular nail polish, but is then cured under ultraviolet light. This hardens the polish and allows it to last for weeks without chipping.

It is pigmented and shinier acrylic gel. Indeed, it can last up to 2 weeks. As it lasts much longer than a classic nail polish, the fairer sex can therefore have more beautiful hands and a more zen mind.

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The choice of semi-permanent varnish.

From nude and colorless to very flashy, pastel and glamorous colours, everything is possible with semi-permanent varnish. So it often becomes difficult for customers who come to nail bars to know which semi-permanent varnish to choose ? The ideal is of course to seek the advice of professionals. It is also possible to rely on simple rules. The choice should conform to her complexion. Those with pale skin can opt for pastel shades and bright colors. They warm up the complexion. The matte complexion, on the other hand, is well suited to deep and vibrant colors as well as metallic colors.

But if after a while the client gets tired of it, how to remove semi-permanent nail polish ? Some people choose to return immediately to the same institute that does the pose. Others perform the operation themselves. In any case, it is necessary to follow a few steps to avoid damaging the nails. First of all, it is important to use an acetone remover. Then, to put nourishing oil on the nails to soften them and help them regenerate. The ideal is to let the nails breathe for a certain period before applying a new coat of varnish.

Does semi-permanent varnish really damage the nails?

To understand the sources of controversy, you have to look at the composition of semi-permanent nail polish. It is provided with Dibutyl Phthalate which is not necessarily good for health. It is especially not recommended for pregnant women and people who have a fertility problem.

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Many women appreciate the convenience of semi-permanent nail polish, some are worried that this type of polish will damage the nails. In particular, gel polish requires the application of a base coat, a color coat and a top coat on the nails. This can make the nails more fragile and prone to breaking. Also, if the nail beds are not properly cleaned before gel polish application, it can lead to fungal infections. Overall, semi-permanent nail polish can be safe for most people, but it’s important to take care to apply and remove it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

From a different angle, some scientists claim that it is harmful to the environment and marine biodiversity. Semi-permanent varnish is made from various chemicals, many of which are toxic to the environment. When the varnish is applied to the nails, it can easily be washed away in water supplies. Once in the water, these chemicals can harm plant and animal life.

In addition, they can also contaminate drinking water supplies and cause health problems in humans. For these reasons, it is important to be careful when using semi-permanent varnish and to dispose of it correctly. When disposed of in landfills, varnish can release chemicals into the ground and cause pollution. It is therefore better to avoid using semi-permanent varnish completely or to choose a more environmentally friendly option.

How to reduce the risks?

Contrary to popular belief, risks can be completely avoided. To do this, simply reduce the use of semi-permanent varnish and not abuse it. The nails must have time to rest after each application. It is also necessary to choose a quality semi-permanent varnish. It is useful to be well informed about good brands that represent less danger.

Furthermore, theuse of semi permanent polish must always go hand in hand with care. It is not only a question of making treatments during its application. The most rational is to do the care before, during and even after removing the varnish. Apart from moisturizing and softening products for the skin, “sunscreen” type products also protect the skin against the rays of the UV lamp.

And finally, entrusting yourself to professionals for the application of the varnish is undoubtedly one of the most important precautions. Do not forget to rely on forums and experience sharing groups on the various social networks, this could help you avoid a bad situation.

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