Research from Sweden suggests that our feet could give clues to how long we will live. Researchers from Umea, Sweden, decided to see if our shoe size could give us clues about our body. They conducted two studies, one with a group of 800 men and women, and the second study was even larger in size.

“We used computerized data to compare people from all parts of Sweden,” said researcher Dr Hans Bjors. “We looked at the age at which they died and the cause of death and found shoe size was definitely linked to longevity. »

The link between your shoe size and your longevity.

Although the researchers refrained from saying why shoe size helps predict life expectancy, they did indicate that there seemed to be a correlation between shoe size and life expectancy.

“As surprising as it may seem, shoe size predicts life expectancy,” Dr. Bjors said.

You will find below a table of sizes as well as the correlation with life expectancy:

Women :

  • Size 36: 64-69 years
  • Size 37: 70-76 years
  • Size 38: 77-82 years
  • Size 39: 78-84 years
  • Size 40: 73-75 years
  • Size 41: 70-72 years
  • Size 42: 67-70 years
  • Size 43: 66-69 years


  • Size 38: 63-66 years
  • Size 39: 64-69 years
  • Size 40: 66-69 years
  • Size 41: 67-72 years
  • Size 42: 72-75 years
  • Size 43: 73-77 years
  • Size 44: 75-82 years
  • Size 45: 74-79 years
  • Size 46: 67-72 years

The researchers noted that people with a half size tend to be in the full size range on either side of them, which means that if you are a man with a size 42 shoe, your life expectancy is between 72 and 75 years. They also said that although they found an apparent link between shoe size and life expectancy, there is no correlation between shoe size and certain diseases.

These results are certainly interesting, but simply looking at shoe size is not the best indicator of your life expectancy. If you want to do everything in your power to extend your lifespan, strive to follow the four pillars of health recognized around the world. These include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, avoiding activities like smoking or binge drinking, and maintaining a healthy body mass index.

What else can your shoe size say about you?

Growth spurt:

According to Harvard Medical School, large feet are a sign of a growth spurt. The bones in the feet grow before all other parts of the body, so if you have large feet and have not yet reached adulthood, it is likely that you will experience a growth spurt during your adolescence or your life as a young adult!

The sprint:

Large feet can indicate an athletic body, especially for sprinting. When you have longer toes, you get a natural push off when you run, making you more efficient and faster. The longer contact with the ground thanks to the big feet and big toes definitely helps in running pretty well. To illustrate, Usain Bolt has size 47 feet: big even for his 6’5″ size. 6’1″ Justin Gatlin, meanwhile, wears size 12 racing spikes.

Purchase of shoes:

It seems that large feet are quite rare, especially those larger than size 45. So it may be difficult to find shoes in your size. Many people with large foot sizes need to have their shoes made. For ladies, none of the cute or sexy shoes exist in their size, which can be very boring.

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